Tile up your accounts

WorkTiles is a collaboration tool specifically designed to help companies organize, perform and improve their monthly closing and consolidation process.

Everything In One Place

Gather all information, links and files needed to complete a task in one place. Making sure everyone has everything they need to work efficiently and avoid bottlenecks.

The Guiding Light of Clarity

WorkTiles provides an easy way to prioritize tasks and monitor status of all your companies, teams, and tasks. Making sure everyone knows exactly what is expected of them.

Collaboration Made Easy

A streamlined platform custom built for finance to seamlessly collaborate and support each other. Freeing your team from constant check-ins and status meetings.  

Meet the team

Our team have more then 50 years combined experience working in finance and are increadibly dedicated to make the closing process as efficient, accurate, and stress-free as possible for everyone involved.

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Filip Ullsten
Co-founder & CEO
Jimmy Nybom
Chairman of the board
Adam Nyberg
Co-founder & CTO
Kim Nilsson
Co-founder & Adviser

A part of Hidden Dreams

We are a part of Hidden Dreams, the Venture Builder who specialize in building problem-solving tech companies.

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