Tile up your accounts

WorkTiles is a collaboration tool specifically designed to help companies organize, perform and improve their monthly closing and consolidation process.

Take the reigns

Say goodbye to month-end stress and hello to complete control! With WorkTiles, the information you need to sail smoothly through the closing process is just a glance away.

Seamless Collaboration

WorkTiles makes collaboration easy no matter where or when you work. Let's bridge the gap and make teamwork simple.

Jump right in

Streamline your workflow with ease. With WorkTiles there´s no need for costly integrations, frustrating consultant fees, or dragged-out implementation projects.

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The WorkTiles Way

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple programs and constantly checking in with team members to track progress. With WorkTiles, everything you need is right at your fingertips. Streamline your processes, improve communication, and effortlessly stay on top of every task. Experience a better way to work today with WorkTiles.

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See the status of everything

At a glance, WorkTiles tells you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where in the closing process you are. Making it easy for everyone involved in the closing process to be up to date and help each other where needed!

PLAN for the future

Easily balance workloads with WorkTiles' workload feature. With just a simple drag and drop, you can redistribute and ensure an even load for all team members.

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Data driven insights

Our platform provides in-depth analytics so you and your team gets a clear understanding of where improvements can be made and find potential bottlenecks. No more guessing or assumptions, get the data-driven insights you need to drive success.

What others say about us

At WorkTiles, we're on a mission to make your closing process the absolute best it can be. And we're proud to say, we're well on our way. The positive feedback we've received so far has been a huge motivation boost for us.

“To have all this information at a glance will be a real game changer for me and my team”
CFO @ Westpay

Meet the team

Our team have more then 50 years combined experience working in finance and are increadibly dedicated to make the closing process as efficient, accurate, and stress-free as possible for everyone involved.

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Filip Ullsten
Co-founder & CEO
Alvaro Canepa
Co-founder & Adviser
Partner | Grant Thornton
Kim Nilsson
Co-founder & Adviser
Accounting Director | EQT
Maria Assarson
CEO Hidden Dreams

A part of Hidden Dreams

We are a part of Hidden Dreams, the Venture Builder who specialize in building problem-solving tech companies.

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